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Welcome to the Ryan's Sailor moon page web site.  

Sailor Moon is the coolest show around. I've seen most of the episodes and have all the movies.
In the Japanese movie the guys have different names...........
Serena A.K.A. Sailor Moon- Usagi Tsukimo
Darien A.K.A. Tuxedo Mask- Mamoru Chiba
Amy A.K.A. Sailor Mercury-Ami Mizuno
Ray A.K.A. Sailor Mars-Rei Hino
Lita A.K.A Sailor Jupiter- Makoto Kino                                             
Nina A.K.A Sailor Venus- Minako Aimo
Luna Serena's cat- Keiko Han
Artemis Ninas cat- Yasuhiro Takato
Rini A.K.A Chiba Moon A.K.A Mini Moon- Chiba-Usa

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