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Rubeus was in charge of capturing the rabbit (Rini) and infiltrating crystal points that would be important parts of Crystal Tokyo in the future. When he failed at this, the Wiseman told him to get rid of the Sailor Scouts with the 4 sisters.

When the 4 sisters were turned good by Sailor Moon, Rubeus was told he was out of the plan to conquer Crystal Tokyo. Rubeus, who couldn't believe that Prince Diamond had abandoned him, decided to recover his favor by finding the Silver Crystal.

Rubeus captured the 4 Scouts, and made Sailor Moon and Rini come into his UFO to get them back. Sailor Moon and Rubeus battled, and Reeny destroyed one of the main energy crystals of the ship. While the ship began to explode, Emerald appeared. Rubeus was at first relieved that she had come to save him, but Emerald replied that it was better to let him die in the past then return in shame to the future.

Avary was the second oldest sister and was equal to Sailor Venus. She would whine a lot and never got much done, and also fought a lot with Prisma. Avary was very particular about what she wore, and couldn't stand anything that wasn't brand-name. Avary would use a whip for her attack, and was the third to be turned good by the Sailors.

Prisma was equal to Sailor Jupiter, and was the oldest of the Four Sisters. She was very aggressive and used dark lightning as her attack, and was probably the most powerful of the 4 sisters. She also fought with Avary a lot.

Catsy was equal to Sailor Mars, and was the youngest of the sisters (although in the dub they made her the oldest). She had a strong devotion for Rubeus, and would basically do anything for him, believing one day she would become the Queen of Crystal Tokyo with Rubeus. She also got very angry with Sailor Moon when Sailor Moon messed up her face. Catsy would use dark fire for her attack, and proved her temper could be as bad as Sailor Mars'

Birdie was the third oldest of the Four Sisters. She was equal to Sailor Mercury, and had a similar personality since she was smart and used ice for her attack. She didn't feud as much as the other sisters did, and usually let her droids do the dirty work for her. She was also very good at chess.

The Wiseman had the ability to see the future, and was probably the most powerful of the Black Moon Family. For a while he guided Rubeus, but later helped the rest of the Black Moon Family. What he really wanted to do was to open the Black Gate, while Prince Diamond just wanted to live on earth.

He considered the Black Moon Family only pawns to him. He was responsible for the deaths of Emerald, Prince Diamond, Sapphire, and was the one who turned Rini evil.

Wiseman succeeded in opening the Black Gate, but was destroyed by Rini's and Neo-Queen Serenity's silver crystal.

Emerald took over after Rebeus' "departure." She decided the best way to open the Black Gate was to use a crystal figurine. In the past, there were places that had negative energy. The figurine would grow attached to one place and absorb the energy.

Prince Diamond was the ruler of the Black Moon Family. In the future he'd tried to get Neo Queen Serenity to be his queen, but when Serenity refused he attacked the kingdom. He directed all attempts to captured the rabbit (Reeny), wanting to add her to his Black Crystal because of her power. Later on when Sailor Moon arrived in the future, he captured her and dressed her up as Neo Queen Serenity. He tried to get Serena to become his queen, but she refused.

Later, he tried to control her with his third eye, but she snapped out of it and made him realize that Wiseman had been manipulating him.

Wiseman appeared and released a blast at Sailor Moon, but Dimando jumped in front and took the blast himself. Summoning all his power, he momentarily shattered Wiseman, and then died.

Sapphire was Prince Diamond's brother. He and Emerald agreed on two things, they both loved Prince Diamond and hated Sailor Moon. Sapphire believed that the Wiseman was manipulating Diamond and wanted to rip Wiseman's cape off and see what he *really* was. When he heard Wiseman speak of them as pawns, he escaped and tried to tell Diamond. Wiseman attacked him and hurt him badly.

Sapphire went into the past and Prisma took care of him. When Sapphire left and tried to tell Diamond again, Wiseman killed him. A bandage wrapped around his head unwound, to reveal his black moon insignia gone

Wicked Lady was Rini, after being corrupted by Wiseman and grown to an older age. Wiseman convinced her that nobody loved her, so she should use her powers to destroy the earth.

Later, Wicked Lady realized she was loved when Neo-Queen Serenity showed her memories of times her parents had cared for her. She returned to Rini's form, and Wicked Lady was destroyed.