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In Sailor Moon R the movie the movie starts with a young Tuxedo Mask giving a flower to a total stranger which later turns out to be the villain of the movie. Then the movie takes place in the present with Serene and the gang taking a bus trip to a big flower store. Everything going okay until the villain named Fiore shows up. He makes a quick appearance than leaves. Then they think of it as being a freak accident. Then a meteor is on a collision course with the earth. Than things start to get rely weird all these creepy flower monsters show up. The monsters suck all the peoples power except the Sailor Scouts. The Sailors than transform and fight them off. But the evil villain shows up and says that Sailor moon is evil and must be killed. Then he tries to kill her with this long fingernail things and Tuxedo Mask pushes Sailor Moon out of the ways so that he got stabbed with the fingernails. After that Fiore gets real said because he sees that he just hit Tuxedo Mask. So Fiore takes Tuxedo Mask back with him to heal him back to good health. The sailor see that the monsters left to outer space and they follow them there. They use Sailor Scouts energy to transport them into outer space onto the comet. They find Momuro there and yell at him to give them back Tuxedo Mask. Fiore says no you are evil you will kill him. Then all these flower monsters appear and they are sounded by them. They try to fight them off with there powers but there are just to many. Then the plants surround Amy, Ray, Nina, Lida and cover them entirely with flowers. Sailor Moon then goes running over to the big pile of flower that used to be her friends. Sailor Moon cries to Fiore to give back her friends. Then her friends rise out of the ground on this big stalk thing. They are tied up by the plants and than they get shocked and that really hurt them and they were crying and the Sailor Moon was crying to let them go again. Then Momuro says to Sailor moon give up or see you friend die. Sailor Moon still was crying. Amy, Ray, Lida, and Nina all said Sailor Moon don't give up. Don't worry about us. We'll be okay. Then the get shocked again and all cry. That's when it rely hits Sailor Moon and she drops her wand and falls to her knees. She says I give up. I cant see my friends get hurt like this. Then Fiore gets a headache because he thinks Sailor Moon doesn't care for anything except taking Tuxedo Mask away from him and he doesn't know such feelings. Then he gets mad and attacks Sailor Moon and he wraps all this kind of flower things around her. And starts draining her power. She screams in pain and the flowers let her friends go. He says My flowers are getting all your energy. The gang cant do anything because they are weak but then they remember all the time that Sailor Moon helped them and they stood up and let here go we cant live without her and tears went down there cheeks. Fiore said no I will not let her go. And he sucks Sailor Moons powers again. Then the next scene is where Tuxedo Mask is in this big glass bubble thing and he is trying to break lose. He slams against it again and again until it finally breaks and he come pouring out.Then he tries to run to help Sailor moon. Then it shows Sailor Moon getting the life sucked out of her and her eyes turn black. Fiore then tries to suck the last drop of energy out of her and then Tuxedo Mask shows up and stabs a rose right threw Fiore and falls to the ground. Fiore than lets Sailor Moon fall to the ground sill breathing faintly. Fiore than starts saying Why Tuxedo Mask. How can you do that. Her life from mine. Then he gets one of those headaches again and says Sailor Moons doing this to you. I must destroy her and then tries to kill her but then Sailor Moon rises up and the crystal starts glowing and her outfit turns into the dress. Everyone start yelling No Sailor Moon don't use the silver crystal. She says its okay guys lets go back to earth.Than Fiore says I wont let you destroy my plan and grabs the crystal and Sailor Moon screams in pain and you see the comet enter the earths asmophere and her dress swings in back of her in pieces like hair the Sailor Moon  says Its okay Fiore you still have us. We will help you. Then Fiore gets another headache and screams no and breaks the crystal and Sailor Moons eyes turn black again. Tuxedo shows up and stabs him with a rose and Fiore says Ahhhhhhh I cant do this anymore To get stabbed by my only friend. And then dies. Sailor Moon then Stands up and uses the crystal to move the comet to pass by earth not fly into earth. She doesn't have enough energy so all the gang joins in and gives them there energy and the comet passes by the earth. Sailor Moon then falls to the ground dead and everyone screams Sailor Moon wake up. Sailor Moon. Serena. Liar you said we would all go back to earth together. Liar. Then Tuxedo Masks starts to cry. After that a young   is shown in a dream and in the beginning of the movie it shows a young Tuxedo Mask giving a flower to Fiore. Well now It shows a young Serena giving a flower to a young Tuxedo Mask and then he show Tuxedo Mask giving the flower to him. And then he goes to see Tuxedo Mask and says here kiss this flower and the pollen from it will bring Sailor Moon back. Then Tuxedo kisses the flower and then kisses Serena and she come back to life and then he floated away. Then Serena says to Everyone lets go back home.