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From the back of the Queen Beryl doll:
Age: Twenty-something
Birthday: November 1
Likes: Anarchy, Bedlam & Chaos Dislikes: Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts
Hobbies: Snooping, spying & sabotage
Special strengths: Ability to control henchmen
Favorite food: Liver (...)
Favorite color: Black
Favorite animal: Scorpion
Favorite topic of conversation: World domination

Jadeite was the first of Beryl's four generals. His main purpose was to steal energy from large amounts of humans, using a monster to steal it. Sailor Moon, Mercury, and Mars stopped all his attempts, and he became very determined to destroy them. He found out their identities in the process, but failed, so Queen Beryl killed him before he could reveal their identities.

Nephlyte was the second of Beryl's generals. His main purpose was to steal energy from one specific person, using a monster that stole the persons energy when they'd reached their maximum energy peak. He fell out of favor of Queen Beryl when the Scouts defeated his monsters, and later on fell in love with Molly. But Zoisite killed him because she wanted to be Queen Beryl's main general.

Zoisite was the third of Beryl's generals. In the original version Zoisite was a man, but in the dub he was changed to a woman (since he was in love with Malachite). Zoisite's main purpose was to steal the rainbow crystals from humans, and join them together to create the imperium silver crystal. She succeeded in stealing 4 crystals from humans, and later on stole Sailor Moon's one crystal. She also tried to steal Tuxedo Mask's 2 crystals, but was a bit unsuccessful. She was destroyed by Queen Beryl for trying to kill Tuxedo Mask, whom Beryl had fallen in love with.

Malachite was Beryl's fourth and most powerful general. He was in love with Zoisite, and was very sad when Queen Beryl destroyed her. Malachite was sent to recover the silver imperium crystal from Sailor Moon, and even though most of his monsters discovered her identity, they were all destroyed by the Sailor Scouts. Malachite was destroyed when Sailor Moon reflected one of his flying swords, and sent it flying back at him.